June Safety Production Month, SUNTREE entered the Liushi Town Fire Protection Education and Training Base

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June of this year is the 21st National "Safety Production Month", with the theme of "Comply with the Safety Production Law and be the first responsible person". In order to promote the implementation of fire safety responsibilities by enterprises, enterprises should actively participate in various emergency drills and experience activities in response to the call of the state, so as to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees and their ability to deal with fire emergencies. On the afternoon of June 17, SUNTREE Electric Group Co., Ltd. entered the Liushi Town Fire Protection Education and Training Base Experience Hall to visit and learn about fire safety knowledge.


Under the leadership of the captain of the Liushi Town Fire Brigade, the visitors of SUNTREE Electric Group visited the fire protection knowledge display area, the simulated fire extinguisher experience area, the rope knot training area, the answering interactive area, the 119 alarm simulation experience area, and the simulated escape channel drill. experience zone. In the pop-quiz interactive area, everyone responded quickly to fire-fighting knowledge and participated in the learning of fire-fighting knowledge; at the same time, in the on-site fire-fighting exercise, they comprehensively learned how to use fire extinguishers and mastered the operating skills of fire extinguishers.


By answering fire knowledge, simulating fire extinguishing, recognizing various fire equipment and facilities, fire safety signs and fire extinguisher practical drills, etc., SUNTREE Electric employees can more intuitively understand the standardized operation of fire extinguishers and common methods of fire emergency responses. Let them maintain awareness of safety precautions at all times, master certain knowledge and skills of fire safety, and stay alert in production and life, focus on prevention.


Hello everyone, today I will take you to have a look at SUNTREE photovoltaic grid-connected box, and l will show you how to transform apiece of iron into a qualified photovoltaic grid-connected box?

In the process of transformation, what "interesting" crafts did it experience?

Let's go, let's go with the editor to see the story of SUNTREE-Xiaoxin's iron sheet.

The photovoltaic grid-connected box is a photovoltaic power station built near the user site. The operation mode is self-generated and used by the user side, and excess power is connected to the Internet. In order to maximize the safe operation of the system, ensure the safe coordination between the inverter and the mains grid, improve the Photovoltaic grid-connected distribution box designed for system reliability and energy metering. The product has the characteristics of high protection level, long service life and convenient installation and operation. Its functions include isolation protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, surge grounding protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection and reclosing after recovery, power generation energy measurement, etc.


In order to actively respond to the municipal party committee and government's special action of "wearing masks and fighting the pandemic together", on March 24, the party branch of SUNTREE Electric Group, the trade union organized company party members and employee volunteers to carry out "wear masks, strengthen Epidemic prevention" civilized propaganda and persuasion, mobilizing citizens to fight the pandemic together.

During the activity, employee volunteers wore "red vests" and turned into pandemic prevention propaganda and persuasion agents. They distributed pandemic prevention leaflets, masks and other items to citizens in densely populated areas in the park, restaurants, vegetable markets and other gathering points to publicize the current pandemic situation and pandemic prevention. Policies to persuade pedestrians not to get together or gather, and to improve personal protection awareness. At the same time, they distributed masks to pedestrians who did not wear masks on the road, and patiently persuaded citizens to take precautions.

Masks are an important line of defense to prevent new coronavirus infection. Wearing a good mask can lay a solid foundation for the follow-up to resolutely win the war against the pandemic. Through this activity, the general public will be guided to improve their awareness of self-protection, build an iron wall for national pandemic prevention, and further strengthen pandemic prevention. control barrier.

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