2020 SUNTREE DC 1500VDC “Amber” series

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Nowadays, new energy photovoltaic power stations .has.been rising all over the world, and high rise with "central nervous system" in cities, new energy vehicles that can drive automatically are running on the highway... Our lives are accelerating to embrace electrification, digitalization, a low-carbon future.

At the same time, new terms that sound like “smart” such as smart city, smart grid, smart industry, and smart perception are also constantly being refreshed. Requirements and challenges.

SUNTREE, which focuses on the electrical business, has developed many products with leading market occupancy in the electrical business for 13 years. Among them, SUNTREE's various low-voltage circuit breakers will definitely leave a strong mark in the electrical industry.

Today’s new, Amber series DC1500V circuit breaker, without fear of damaging environment, has industry-leading extreme short-circuit breaking capacity, which creates high-reliability, high-quality, and is more efficient and safer for users.

The SUNTREE amber series, at the beginning of its launch, has won the favor of many industry customers with its high reliability. lts footprints spread across many fields, and has demonstrated its strong strength throughout multiple industry applications.

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