Hybrid inverter

Hybrid inverter

• Stop When Full

• Multiple protection

• Waterproof grade IP54

• Output power up to 7KW

• Swipe card and scan code to charge, touch screen

• Cold-rolled steel + electrostatic spraying, the shell is 
   strong, anti-compression, anti-impact

Model VE2024 VE3024 VE4024
Capacity(VA) 2000W 3000W 4000W
lnput Voltage(DC) 24V/48V 24V/48V 24V/48V
Nominal Voltage 220VAC
Voltage Range 154-265VAC (AC Model); 185-264VAC+3V (UPS Model)
Frequency 50-60HZ Auto sensing
Rated Power 0.8
Voltage 220VAC
Frequency 50/60HZ
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time (AC to DC) <8ms
Transfer Time (DC to AC) <8ms
Output Voltage Regulation ±10%
Bypass Mode Yes
Saver Mode Yes
Efficiency >98%
Input Protection Circuit Breaker
Output Protection Circuit Breaker
Battery Type AGM-Deep Cycle, Ge/Up to 500Ah
Charging Current 28A 40A 60A
Low Level disconnect (Selectable) 10V or 10.5V                                                                  20V or 21V
PWM(Optional) controller Voltage 15VDC-30VDC                                                               30VDC-60VDC
MPPT(Optional) controller Voltage 15VDC-150VDC                                                             30VDC-150VDC
Maximum PV array power 1600W 3200W
Maximum PV array open circuit voltage PWM:30VDC, MPPT:150VDC PWM:60VDC
Maximum solar charge current 60A
Protections Over load, over temp, over charging, battery low, battery reverse connect, high AC voltage etc.
LCD indicator status AC input voltage, AC input frequency, PV voltage, PV current,
Output Voltage, Output Frequency,Battery voltage,Load current etc.
LED indicator status AC Line ln: Green/Inverter: Green/Charging: Yellow/Alarm: Red
LOW battery alarm Audible alarm-5 seconds beeping
Overload alarm Audible alarm- continuous beeping
Fault Audible alarm- continuous beeping
Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity -10℃~90℃ Non condensing
Accoustic Noise(db) >55dB
Rated Power 1600W 2400W 3200W







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