Industry Chain Analysis of Charging Pile Industry

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1.Charging pile industry chain

The upstream of the EV charging industry is the supplier of charging gun parts, mainly including charging gun,controllers, converters, cable, high-power plugs etc.Among them, the charging gun head is responsible for connecting the battery interface of the car, and can transmit different intensities of charging current according to the power supply status and charging demand. There are three types of interface models: GB/T type, Type 1 and Type 2,the controller is responsible for adjusting the charging mode, displaying the charging status, etc.; the converter is responsible for reducing the current intensity so that the high-power charging gun can be used in a low-power power supply.The midstream is charging gun manufacturers, such as SUNTREE EV CHARGER, and foreign manufacturers such as ABB.Downstream is EV charger customers, mainly charger operators, OEMs and new energy vehicle customers.Among them, the EV charger operators are mainly use them in public place and home using ev chargers under construction, the charging guns of OEMs are mainly used on supporting home using ev charger and supporting portable charging guns, and the charging guns of new energy vehicle users are mainly used to replace the charging guns of portable charging guns and home using EV chargers.



List of EV charger industry chain



2 .Cost structure

From the perspective of cost, the cost of charging equipment, that is, the hardware equipment of EV charger, the main cost of EV charger , accounting for more than 90%, while manufacturing costs and labor costs account for a small proportion, less than 5%. SUNTREE is committed to research and development to reduce the cost of EV CHARGER and enhance its user experience.

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